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198. On the interplay of hierarchies, conflicts, and cooperation: an experimental approach
Pablo Lozano, Alberto Antonioni, and Angel Sánchez
PNAS Nexus, in press (2023)

197. Social interaction and negotiation outcomes: An experimental approach
Pablo Brañas-Garza, Antonio Cabrales, Guillermo Mateu, Angel Sánchez, and Angela Sutan
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 102, 101948 (2023)


196. Behavior, decisions and ecological transition: experimental approaches with policy implications
Alberto Antonioni, Antonio Cabrales, Francesca Lipari, and Angel Sánchez
Cuadernos Económicos del ICE, monográfico "Transición a sociedades descarbonizadas", in press (2022)

195. Chimpanzees organize their social relationships like humans
Diego Escribano, Victoria Doldán-Martelli, Katherine A. Cronin, Daniel B.M. Haun, Edwin J.C. van Leeuwen, José A. Cuesta, and Angel Sánchez
Scientific Reports 12, 16641 (2022)

194. The effectiveness of prosocial policies: Gender differences arising from social norms
Antonio Cabrales, Ryan Kendall, and Angel Sánchez
PLOS ONE, in press (2022)

193. Structural measures of personal networks predict migrants’ cultural backgrounds. An explanation from Grid/Group theory
José Luis Molina, Juan Ozaita, Ignacio Tamarit, Angel Sánchez, Christopher McCarty, and H. Russell Bernard
PNAS Nexus 1, pgac195 (2022)

192. Paid and hypothetical time preferences are the same: Lab, field and online evidence
Pablo Brañas-Garza, Diego A. Jorrat, Antonio M. Espín, and Angel Sánchez
Experimental Economics, available online (2022)

191. Identifying key relationships between nation-state cyberattacks and geopolitical and economic factors – a model
Lorena González-Manzano, José M. de Fuentes, Cristina Ramos, Angel Sánchez, and Florabel Quispe
Security and Communication Networks 2022, 5784674 (2022)

190. Ethnic markers and the emergence of group-specific norms: an experiment
Juan Ozaita, Andrea Baronchelli, and Angel Sánchez
Scientific Reports 12, 5068 (2022)

189. Beyond Dunbar circles: a continuous description of social relationships and resource allocation
Ignacio Tamarit, Angel Sánchez, and José A. Cuesta
Scientific Reports 12, 2287 (2022)


188. Gossip and competitive altruism support cooperation in a Public Good Game
Francesca Giardini, Daniele Vilone, Angel Sánchez, and Alberto Antonioni
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 376, 20200303 (2021)

187. Evidence from a long term experiment that collective risk change social norms and promotes cooperation.
Aron Szekely, Francesca Lipari, Alberto Antonioni, Mario Paolucci, Angel Sánchez, Luca Tummolini, and Giulia Andrighetto
Nature Communications 12, 5452 (2021).

186. An experimental characterization of workers’ behavior and accuracy in crowdsourced tasks
Evgenia Christoforou, Antonio Fernández-Anta, and Angel Sánchez
PLOS ONE 16, e0252604 (2021)

185. Evolution of social relationships between first-year students at middle school: from cliques to circles
Diego Escribano, Victoria Doldán Martelli, Francisco J. Lapuente, José A. Cuesta, and Angel Sánchez
Scientific Reports 11, 11694 (2021)

184. Framing in multiple public goods games and donation to charities
Felipe Maciel Cardoso, Sandro Meloni, Carlos Gracia-Lázaro, Alberto Antonioni, José A. Cuesta, Angel Sánchez and Yamir Moreno
Royal Society Open Science 8, 202117 (2021)

183. Integration and diversity
Sanjeev Goyal, Penélope Hernández, Guillem Martínez-Canovas, Frederic Moisan, Manuel Muñoz-Herrera, and Angel Sánchez
Experimental Economics 24, 387-413 (2021)

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